Top Quality Racing Bikes

As with all great Marques, supremacy is only attained by being top of their particular field. More often than not, iconic brands have an iconic rival. Think Apple vs. PC; Ferrari vs. Lamborghini. This is certainly the case in the luxury race bike world, the main protagonists being Bianchi and Colnago. Both factories have been producing some of the most fabulous cycling machines the world has ever seen.

Bianchi was founded in 1885 in Milan, while it took Ernesto Colnago until 1953 to open his modest workshop just up the road. Over the ensuing years both companies have developed into the most highly respected bike brands on the planet.

Bianchi bike frames are instantly recognisable by the classic “celeste green” colour. Rumours for the origins of this colour are varied and range from there being an excess of military paint at the time, to the more romantic notion that it was the colour of the eyes of the Italian Queen.

Beyond the bespoke models built for dedicated professionals there are also sublime racing bikes available for us mere mortals. The slick and swift C2C (Coast to Coast) and B4P (Born for Performance) are plenty enough bike for the serious amateur rider.

The steady growth of cycling as a mode of commuting and as a leisure activity has led to an expansion of the city bike scooter. Bianchi have all angle covered here, so we can all have the perfect bike for our individual needs. The range is divided into the T-Road, focused on agility: the Cross Terrain aimed at the more fashion conscious and the S-Road, focused on comfort whilst manoeuvring through the urban jungle.

Whichever Bianchi bike you choose be sure that it will turn heads and rest assured you are riding one of the world’s truly great machines.

Colnago bikes are what every race cyclist wants. They are simply mechanical works of art designed and built with a craftsman’s loving hand. Don’t just take my word for it, more competitions have been won by Colnago than any other bike brand.

Colnago began producing professional standard racing bikes in the 1960’s and with Ernesto Colnago teaming up with the legendary Eddy Merckx, one tour win followed another. In fact, the great champion Merckx had a hand in demanding and then getting a stiffer frame and minimal pedal flex from Colnago – very driven these champions!

Obviously, production at the factory has increased over the years, but feel assured your Colnago will be a rare and prestigious beast. So revered are these bikes that wealthy collectors commission “super bikes” just to display and admire. The attention to detail is so extreme that the artwork is painted directly onto the frame (no transfers or stickers).